Ph.D. positions available
The LIPS lab directed by Dr. Alexandra Jesse has openings for Ph.D. students in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience. The lab conducts basic research on how humans recognize speech sounds and spoken words from auditory and audiovisual speech, using a variety of methods (e.g., psychophysical methods, eye tracking, EEG).

Students from Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Communication Disorders/Speech Sciences and other related fields are especially encouraged to apply. Applications should be submitted through the University of Massachusetts’ general application process. Please see here for details. The deadline for applications is December 1. For more information on the Cognitive and Cognitive Neuroscience program, please see here.

The University of Massachusetts is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and members of minority groups are encouraged to apply.

Position 1:

The PhD position is situated within the general research program of the LIPS lab on auditory and audiovisual speech perception. Any research project fitting within the LIPS lab’s larger research program can be pursued. A description of the research program can be found on the LIPS lab research page. For our recent publications see here. It is strongly recommended to contact Dr. Jesse prior to applying to ensure that your interests indeed align with the research program.

Position 2:

The PhD position is situated within the NIH-sponsored R03 AG059105-01 “Electrophysiological indices of audiovisual benefits to speech processing in aging adults”. The objective of the project is to understand the mechanisms by which older adults benefit from visual information during speech processing. The approach in our work is to use electrophysiological measures in younger, middle-aged, and older adults to define age-related differences in audiovisual processing. More details can be found here. We are seeking a PhD student with a particular interest in audiovisual speech perception and aging. Prior background in electrophysiology is a plus, but not a must.

The ideal candidate for any of these positions would have:

  • Strong interest in auditory/audiovisual speech perception, perceptual learning, perceptual and cognitive factors within speech perception, and/or changes therein with aging
  • Previous experience with eye tracking and/or electrophysiology would be a plus, but not a requirement
  • Background in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics or speech sciences
  • Programming skills
  • Excellent English language skills

Applicants from outside the U.S. are welcome to apply but must qualify for a valid visa.

Undergraduate Student Researchers
The LIPS lab is looking for undergraduate students from the Five Colleges who can join us as research assistants. Undergraduate students from Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Communication Disorders and other related fields are especially encouraged to apply. If you are interested please contact us per email to obtain more information.