The Language, Intersensory Perception, and Speech (LIPS) lab hosted in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program of the UMass Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is directed by Dr. Alexandra Jesse. Research in the LIPS lab examines how humans recognize speech. In addition to our primary focus on speech perception and spoken-word recognition, we also examine intersensory perception, language processing, and learning processes as they relate to speech perception. To understand both the underlying behavioral and neuropsychological processes, we use behavioral methods (e.g., eye tracking) as well as neuropsychological methods (e.g., EEG). We test younger adults, older adults, and children of various ages.

The LIPS lab is a member of UMass Cognitive Science and of the Initiative on Neurosciences (IONs). Dr. Jesse is a faculty member in the Neuroscience & Behavior Graduate Program, and an adjunct faculty member in the Dept. of Communication Disorders and in the Dept. of Linguistics.

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